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Page 1 of 7 FIND OUT MORE Spring means gardening, and that means composting As the sun comes out and the weather warms up, garden spring cleaning is the order of the day. Fallen leaves and expired winter crops can go straight into the compost. This adds plenty of carbon, a core ingredient for compost. To keep your compost healthy, use the A.D.A.M. principle. Aliveness – a healthy compost system is living and breathing. It should be full of microbes and worms. Diversity – compost needs a mix of both carbon ('browns': dry leaves, small branches, cardboard, etc.) and nitrogen (greens and food scraps). Aeration – mix your compost to prevent stagnation and odour especially if you use a bin. Layering with straw or small branches also improves aeration and reduces the need for mixing. Moisture – healthy compost will be moist at all times; if possible, locate your compost where it will be shaded in summer. In hot periods it may need covering or watering. Want to upgrade your composter? Hume residents receive a 70 per cent discount on compost and worm farm products from Circular Food. Ian Taylor: Hume resident of the month Local conservationist Ian Taylor was presented with the award for Resident of the Month on 12 June to recognise his contribution to the Hume community and natural environment. Ian has volunteered tirelessly with Sunbury Landcare Association, Friends of Organ Pipes National Park and Hume's Sustainability Taskforce. His business, Western Plains Flora in Wildwood, plays a vital role in protecting and enhancing biodiversity within and beyond Hume. He also supplies locally sourced indigenous seedlings for many Hume functions and provides expert advice to landowners interested in revegetating their properties. Congratulations, Ian, and thank you for all your great work! 2 LIVE GREEN Hume City Council

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