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Recycle your electronic waste at Hume Global Learning Centres Council has introduced new Recycling Stations to help residents dispose of items that cannot be recycled in your wheelie bin such as flat batteries, x-rays, video tapes, DVDs, phones and cameras. Pictured is Environmental Community Development Officer Liz Shield showing how easy it is to use the new Recycling Station at the Hume Global Learning Centre – Broadmeadows. There is also a Recycling Station at the Hume Global Learning Centre – Craigieburn and another will be installed at the new Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury when it opens in 2019. Please don't throw electronic waste in the bin, take it to a local Recycling Station instead! Want to know more about recycling and waste services in Hume City? Visit Four steps to a sustainable Christmas! You don't have to fill your house with packaging and give single-use gifts this Christmas. Here are some easy tips for a more sustainable silly season! 1. When choosing presents, plan your shopping list carefully to avoid unethically made gifts. Think about gifts that inspire sustainable behaviour change in your friends and family members. Reusable coffee cups, beeswax wraps and bamboo toothbrushes are just a few examples of attractive gifts that will help your family members reduce waste. 2. Wrap your gifts in attractive fabrics from charity shops or recycled paper. You can also save the Christmas wrapping from gifts you receive to re-purpose it next year. 3. When shopping for Christmas lunch, shop at farmers' markets so you know you're buying local. Make sure you bring your own bags and containers to reduce single-use packaging. Plan your menu carefully to avoid over-catering and think about buying less of foods that go off quickly or are likely to go uneaten. 4. Instead of a traditional pine Christmas tree, use a large, indoor plant that will still be beautiful long after December. Or go op-shopping to give new life to a second hand, plastic Christmas tree. Pine trees come from unsustainable monocultures that are often planted in areas that have been deforested. They are also an introduced plant that provides minimal habitat for native wildlife. 2 LIVE GREEN Hume City Council

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