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2 RE-SOURCE I SUMMER 2019–2020 Carved Log hollows for wildlife Council is up-cycling felled tree limbs by turning them into hollows for wildlife. Limbs are hollowed out and attached to large trees to increase the nesting habitat available, with different sized logs and entrance holes catering for different native species. Hume has over 63 species of hollow-dependent native fauna, including parrots, owls, ducks, possums, sugar gliders and micro-bats. These hollowed logs are better insulated than nesting boxes, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wildlife are less likely to abandon this more comfortable artificial habitat, so aren't as vulnerable to introduced predators such as foxes, dogs and cats. As with nesting boxes, these hollows need to be monitored and maintained in order to retain their structural integrity and prevent them from being inhabited by bees and invasive birds. If you would like further information about carved log hollows, contact Contact Council's Sustainable Environment Department on 9205 2200 or Hume's new Snake Catcher Program Snakes are a vital part of the natural ecosystem. Although snakes prefer to avoid humans as much as possible and bites are rare, snakes will sometimes take shelter in human built structures and environments creating a risk to public safety. As part of Council's Living with Wildlife program, we encourage residents to support wildlife in their natural environment, but understand that there are times when a snake may need to be relocated. Council runs two programs for the relocation of snakes: one for public land and one for private property. Public land If you encounter a snake on public land – such as parks and reserves, nature strips or Council facilities – calmly move away while keeping it under observation, and contact Council on 9205 2200. Following an assessment, a professional snake catcher may remove the snake and relocate it to a nearby habitat area. Private land From mid-October 2019 until 30 April 2020, Council will provide a service to residents that includes snakes found on private property. This includes rural/large residential blocks where the snake is within 10 metres of the dwelling. If you encounter a snake on private property, calmly move away while keeping it under observation. Contact Council on 9205 2200 and our Customer Service team will step you through the process, which may include you directly engaging an approved professional snake catcher. If the snake catcher sights a snake at the residential property and relocates it to suitable habitat, Council will pay for the service. If the snake catcher is unable to sight the snake on the residential property, then you (the resident) will pay the call out fee and will not be reimbursed by Council. For further information about these programs, please visit or call 9205 2200. On the cover... Dorper sheep on a rural property in Hume.

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