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Hume City Council LIVE GREEN 3 Free Bike Ed Training for teachers Does your local school run a Bike Ed program or need help getting started? Bike Ed is a free resource that teaches cycling and road safety basics to children aged nine to 13. It involves practical activities that are conducted at school and on local roads. Council can fund Bike Ed instructor qualification and reaccreditation training, undertaken every five years, for Primary and Secondary teachers and assistants. This training is delivered by CyclingSafe ( Council can also support schools to initiate a new Bike Ed program. For more information, email Recycle right – you can make a difference Victoria's waste and recycling crisis this year has meant there has never been a more important time to put the right items in the right bin. After a spate of incidents that forced recycling to go to landfill, kerbside bin recycling is now being processed. It's vital that the right items make it into your recycling bin. Putting the wrong items in the wrong bin can interfere with recycling efforts. A recent assessment found that about 10 per cent of items placed in our recycling bins are contaminated material. Only these items can go in your recycling bin: ■ paper and cardboard ■ milk cartons (but no juice boxes or long-life milk/UHT boxes) ■ glass bottles and jars (no lids) ■ steel and aluminium cans (no aerosols) ■ rigid and semi rigid plastics numbered 1–7 (if you are unsure whether you can recycle a plastic, turn it over and check if it has a recycling symbol with a number on it), with lids removed. For more information visit Pop up recycling continues! While recycling of kerbside household collections has now recommenced in Hume, residents can still take recyclables to Pop-up Recycling Stations. The Craigieburn-based Northern Community Recycling Group has still been holding fortnightly Pop-up Recycling Stations at the Craigieburn Sports Stadium. There are items you can take to the Pop-up Recycling Stations that you cannot put in your kerbside bin, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, pens and other stationary items and tetra packs. For a full list of items accepted at Pop-up Recycling Stations, visit

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