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The Hume City Council Services Guide provides information on Council services, activities, programs, events for residents and businesses.

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CONTENTS 1. Introduction7 1.1 Purpose7 1.2 Council's role in leisure provision7 1.3 The role of leisure8 2. Background9 2.1 Council planning9 2.2 Our community11 Who we are11 2.2.1 Hume City Planning Areas12 2.2.2 2.3 State planning context14 2.4 Planning benchmarks14 3. and principles16 Vision 3.1 Leisure Strategy vision16 3.2 Leisure Strategy principles16 4. Strategic priority areas17 Choice and participation18 Theme: Leisure for health and wellbeing19 Theme: Quality places and spaces20 Theme: Working together22 Theme: 5. provision in Hume24 Leisure 5.1 Hume City Council24 5.2 Community and government providers25 5.3 Education, health and community sectors 25 5.4 Private sector26 3

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